Simple Pricing

$299/month –or- $2,999/year


  • Multiple Users
  • Multiple Tooling Libraries
  • Multiple Press Brake Machine Libraries
  • Customizeable Interface Rulesets
  • Professional Assistance with Initial Setup
  • Professionally web hosted application, no software download or installation necessary
  • Mobile Functionality

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*Cost Justification –

This is a pretty easy one with Bend Genius:

Have you ever had a mistake show up at your press brake that should have been identified earlier in your production process? Of course you have! Now, calculate the cost of one or two of those mistakes -all the lost production time, all the people who had to get involved in resolving the error, and maybe even the cost of re-engineering and re-cutting the parts. One error at the brake will cost you several hundred to several thousand dollars – and worse yet, it will cause you to be late on your customer deliveries, and further frustrations between the office workers and the machine operators.

If Bend Genius can prevent 1 mistake per year from arriving at the press brake, it’s easily justified it’s annual cost – with just 1 mistake prevented! I guarantee that if you try Bend Genius, and train your team to use it well, you’ll be surprised at how seamlessly it becomes integrated into your normal bending routine.